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Being a driver for a very long time, I thought I knew just about everything about laws and driving a car safely. In a way, I am happy that I had to take this class. Driving in California for 41 years, I never got a citation. You may think I'm off the deep end but I believe the citation given to me has given me a chance to attend this traffic school, which, I was very pleased with the way the instructor taught the class. He had every ones attention at all times. I sure learned a lot more.
"This class was very informative. Although I was here because of speeding, for the most part I consider myself a pretty good driver. The instructor was great. He went over things that I didn't even know. Not only that, he made it fun and less tedious than it could have been. Hopefully, I will not have to return but if I do it is a definite learning experience and very worthwhile."
"I like the way the instructor used humor and short stories to make traffic school fun and informative. I also liked the way he included his students in his lessons by calling on them from time to time and asking them for their opinions and guesses."
I will highly recommend this school to others. The instructor is very knowledgeable and courtious. She has a wonderful personallity. I sure will be a better driver now, due to this course. Thank you.
Thank you for being informed. I "re-learned" a lot and once again - taking driving - being behind the wheel" seriously. Thank you.
He is a terrific instructor! I certainly will recommend L.M.T. School to others. I am so glad I came to T. S. My red light violation hurts my pocket book, but I learned a great deal this evening! Thank you. I will be extra (defensive driver) careful on the road!!
Great job! You kept a well paced class. Although, I wish the class wasn't so long, but that's not your call. This does make me re-evaluate my driving.
As a "commercial driver" I drive 10,000 miles a month, and I live the "defensive driving" rule. I have driven 2 million miles, involved in 1 accident and 1 citation (this one). I believe patience is the number 1 rule, and know your limitations. This course should be mandatory for all licensed drivers. Very informing.
Good program. You have a very professional program. Keep up the good work. Thanks. I hope we will not need your service any time soon; however you are first on our list.
As her father quoted, "She never even got a chance to grow up; two thousand people attended her funeral. She was only sixteen years old and she was my friend... killed by a drunk driver." Thank you so much for your emphasis on drinking and driving. I think that everyone has been guilty of it at one time or another. Your course was very informative and I definitely benefited from it. Your instruction was great, and It hopefully will save some lives.

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