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Traffic School

We have an In-Classroom or an On-line program available

DMV license number: E 0627

We have both English and Spanish Classes On-Line

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​for Classroom or to sign up for the On-Line Class

English Classes

We have an In-Classroom Traffic School Course

We have a variety of classes available each month: Weekends & weekdays.
You don't need to take your certificate back to the court.  We enter your information directly into the DMV Database for the Courts.  You will receive a Completion Receipt to prove that you went to Traffic School.  ALSO, classroom participation is possible.  The class is a good way to brush up your skills.
You will learn new laws and brush up on some information that you possibly forgot.
You will be a better and safer driver
The price of this course is just $60.00

Internet Traffic School Course

Our DMV-licensed traffic violator school (TVS) Internet course is licensed for use statewide. The easy-to-read program is entertaining, informative, and loaded with colorful graphics, videos, cartoons, and jokes that will have you laughing while you learn. Best of all, you can take it from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you have Internet access) and complete it in a few hours or over a few days—it's up to you! Register now and you'll be back on the road to safe driving in no time!

The price of this course is just $60.00

IMPORTANT  -------   Call 619-466-5077 before registering for this class

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Preguntas frecuentes

Curso de Internet

¿Tiene una citación? Ha sido ordenado por un juez / tribunal de completar un curso de escuela de tráfico para infractores? Nuestro programa de seguridad vial a través de la Internet es su respuesta! Terminando este curso incluso podrá obtener un descuento en sus primas de seguro, si su compañía de seguros permite este beneficio.

Este Curso de Escuela para Infractores de Tráfico en Línea es simple, rápido y divertido! Combina texto fácil de leer y cartas informativas con coloridas ilustraciones y humor relacionado a la conducción. Usted puede inscribirse y acceder al sistema a su conveniencia, y la accesibilidad del programa 24 7 desde cualquier dispositivo habilitado para la Internet. Lo mejor de todo, es rápido de terminar (incluso si usted es nuevo en la Internet). Por lo tanto, tome un refresco y algunos aperitivos, está seguro de disfrutar de este curso!

El precio de este curso es sólo $60.00

IMPORTANT  -------   Call 619-466-5077 before registering for this clas
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​Curso de Librete

Nuestro curso de librete de la escuela de tráfico para infractores con licencia del DMV (TVS) tiene licencia para su uso en todo el estado. El texto informativo, de lectura fácil, está complementado con útiles gráficos y fotos interesantes, y las historietas hilarantes y chistes relacionados con el tráfico le hará reír mientras aprende. Lo mejor de todo es que puede leer el libro en cualquier lugar: la playa, el patio trasero, o mientras viaja en un autobús, tren o avión--- no al volante! Nada podría ser más fácil!

El precio de este curso es sólo $100.00
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Call us at 619-466-4656 for upcoming Traffic School Classes
They are not on the calendar


Being a driver for a very long time, I thought I knew just about everything about laws and driving a car safely. In a way, I am happy that I had to take this class. Driving in California for 41 years, I never got a citation. You may think I'm off the deep end but I believe the citation given to me has given me a chance to attend this traffic school, which, I was very pleased with the way the instructor taught the class. He had every ones attention at all times. I sure learned a lot more.
"This class was very informative. Although I was here because of speeding, for the most part I consider myself a pretty good driver. The instructor was great. He went over things that I didn't even know. Not only that, he made it fun and less tedious than it could have been. Hopefully, I will not have to return but if I do it is a definite learning experience and very worthwhile."
"I like the way the instructor used humor and short stories to make traffic school fun and informative. I also liked the way he included his students in his lessons by calling on them from time to time and asking them for their opinions and guesses."
I will highly recommend this T. School to others. The instructor is very knowledgeable and courtious. She has a wonderful personallity. I sure will be a better driver now, due to this course. Thank you.
Thank you for being informed. I "re-learned" a lot and once again - taking driving - being behind the wheel" seriously. Thank you.

He is a terrific instructor! I certainly will recommend L.M.T. School to others. I am so glad I came to T. S. My red light violation hurts my pocket book, but I learned a great deal this evening! Thank you. I will be extra (defensive driver) careful on the road!!
Great job! You kept a well paced class. Although, I wish the class wasn't so long, but that's not your call. This does make me re-evaluate my driving.
As a "commercial driver" I drive 10,000 miles a month, and I live the "defensive driving" rule. I have driven 2 million miles, involved in 1 accident and 1 citation (this one). I believe patience is the number 1 rule, and know your limitations. This course should be mandatory for all licensed drivers. Very informing.
Good program. You have a very professional program. Keep up the good work. Thanks. I hope we will not need your service any time soon; however you are first on our list.
As her father quoted, "She never even got a chance to grow up; two thousand people attended her funeral. She was only sixteen years old and she was my friend... killed by a drunk driver." Thank you so much for your emphasis on drinking and driving. I think that everyone has been guilty of it at one time or another. Your course was very informative and I definitely benefited from it. Your instruction was great, and It hopefully will save some lives.