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How to Find A Quality Driving School

Ask these questionsWhat the question means
How long has the school been in business?The length of time a school has been operating is one measure of their effectiveness. This usually indicates the amount of experience and skill they'll bring to teaching YOU or YOUR CHILD. 
We have been in driver training for over 42 years.
Does the school teach adults and seniors, as well as physically disabled, and learning disabled people, or do they just teach teenagers?  

Do they teach Commercial Driving, also?
Teenagers are relatively easy to teach. They're always involved in learning, so they learn quickly. And, they're highly motivated, so they really work hard at learning. Adult's and seniors, who have been away from daily learning, are likely to learn more slowly. They are also more difficult to teach, since they often have their own ideas about driving. 
Physically and learning disabled people are even harder to teach. Schools that train their instructors to teach adults, seniors, and disabled people generally offer you a higher level of  skill and  experience than those who teach only teens. 
We teach all ages and do not discriminate against disabilities.  We Also do COMMERCIAL Driver Training and Driver Evaluation for Employers.
Does the school have a formal driver's education curriculum, or do they just have the students read the DMV Driver's Handbook?A thorough Driver's Ed. course goes well beyond the Driver's Handbook. Ask the school how extensive their course is. How much original  material is handed out to the students? What areas are covered in depth in the class? How many videos are used? Is there a teacher in the classroom, or are the students left to read and learn on their  own? Is the course  conducted through correspondence classes or video? Remember, there is no PERSONAL INTERACTION with a correspondence course or video 
We built our syllabus around an "Automobile Association of America" book. We are proud of our  curriculum and are willing to discuss it with you.
Does the school teach a full curriculum of the skills needed to drive and stay alive, or do they just run you around in the car?There are approximately 25 skills required to drive arid stay alive on today's highways. Driving schools may follow a detailed  curriculum  for teaching those skills. Or, they may simply sit you in the car and let you drive around. Ask the school to explain, for example, exactly how they proceed, from the start, to teach you how to drive. Ask how they teach  specific driving maneuvers, such as a left turn. How do they teach you to use your hands, eyes, and feet? Make sure you're going to learn something. 
We teach a full curriculum and our goal  is for the student to  "LIVE AFTER LEARNING TO DRIVE", not "JUST PASS THE DRIVING TEST".
Is the school licensed and insured?Driving schools must be licensed by the California State DMV, have a city business license, and liability insurance. Some may not. Ask about these  items. You can also come to our office to see these things. 
We are properly licensed and insured.
Can you visit the school to see their classroom and cars?We encourage you to come by and check out our facilities, licenses & paperwork..
We welcome your visit.
Will the school let you put the charges on a credit card?You can get a refund very easily if you use a credit card. Schools that are having trouble, and are having to give refunds, may not like you to use  a  credit card. Even if you intend to pay by cash or check, ask this question. 
We proudly take Visa & Master Card..
Will the school let you use their car for the drive test?Schools that won't allow you to use their cars for the drive test may not want DMV to see the insurance or registration information.  Certain insurance carriers won't allow their cars to be used for driver training, or won't allow their use on a drive test. Some schools may have learned how to make it appear that their cars are insured. Even if you  plan to use your own car on the drive test, ask this question. 
You can use our cars for the drive test, for an extra charge; providing the student has taken at least one driving lesson with us..
Is the school a member of the Better Business Bureau?Better Business Bureau members commit themselves to fair business practices and to resolution of any complaints in a timely and  equitable  manner. 
We are over 20 year members of the BBB and proud to display their logo. We have an A+ BBB rating.
Is the school a member of the Driving School Association of California?Members of "D.S.A.C." pledge to conduct their businesses in a professional way. They strive for strict and fair enforcement of all laws  and  regulations.  They also fully comply with all DMV regulations.  
W are happy to be members of DSAC and also on the Board of Directors for over 10 years.
Is the school a member of the Chamber of Commerce?Chamber of Commerce members regularly place themselves in contact with other business leaders in the community. Comments about a  driving  school find their way around the business community quickly, and negative comments can be deadly. Chamber members work hard to keep a good reputation. 
We are members of the San Diego East County  Chamber of Commerce. 
How does the school monitor itself to insure quality instruction?We feel that driving schools should have a method of checking themselves, periodically,  to see how they are doing.This insures  quality  assurance without relying on the DMV, only. 
We make "spot check" phone calls to some parents or adult students and an occasional "Ride-a-Long" with our instructors, to check up on the quality  of our program.
Does the school do 1 on 1 private driving lessons?Our driving lessons for teens are PRIVATE 1 on 1 lessons only.
What is the price charged, concidering the quality of the services performed?After asking all the other questions, then and only then, ask about the price that the school charges.   Remember, the cheapest is not alway the best.  
What is your life or the life of your child worth? Quality training = Safe Drivers!

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